Residence In North Arlington, VA


Existing:  client property located in north Arlington, VA.  Existing house to be demolished

Existing:  client property located in north Arlington, VA.  Existing house to be demolished


KBLA is currently working with residential property owner and passive green building architect, on a project that has given KBLA the opportunity to delve into the principles of permaculture. The way we look at and approach planting plan design has been forever changed by our project driven study of permaculture garden practice and the dynamic methods for creating self-sustaining natural relationships it has to offer. These principals will be utilized frequently on projects of all types and sizes, whether it's about growing edibles or serving other functions within the landscape.

The KBLA scope of work is being produced within project schematic, design development, construction documentation and construction administration phases and has been developed complimentary to the multi-level layout access and internal program provided within proposed new property home. KBLA scope items include the design and layout of proposed plantings, retention of existing native trees, adjustments & re-grading of site topography, hardscape elements such as pedestrian pathway / walkway / step access, vehicular pavement, site furnishings, as well as the overall layout of outdoor use & program respective to client driven permaculture garden practice. Outside of turn-over crop footprint areas, the proposed year-round foundation plant pallet utilized within the peripheral areas, have also been developed for low water resource consumption and seasonal drought tolerance. Existing poor soil conditions will be remedied through soil building techniques found within the principals and practice of permaculture garden work. Proposed storm water management systems are also being developed to minimize site area runoff and overload of down-stream watershed area management facilities.

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