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Regardless of project type and size, design work happens year-round.  Although the organic components of what we address in our design work can be affected by seasonal change, the colder months are an ideal time to kick-off design collaboration together, to then acquire any necessary permits, bid out the finished design documents for contractor competitive bid competition and ultimately make a contractor selection lined up for build in the warmer months when contractors are typically already booked-up with client schedules.  Among our institutional, commercial, green roof and residential projects & client types, we occasionally encounter potential clients who approach us in the spring at the time that they want to start building and we happily evaluate the project to accommodate the client's needs & desires as best we can.  Although different projects have varying speed at which the design work is conducted and their inherent schedules can be based on project scale and type, it is ideal and of great benefit to a project collaboration to receive contact and initiation of design work in the prior months, season and/or year.  Depending on client & project type, some design project timelines can take as little as a month and some larger institutional projects have taken up to 2+ years of design and build process.  Timeline can be discussed and addressed upon meeting and prior to contracting work together.  Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email, or give us a call: 


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