Mixed Use Office & Retail

Alexandria, VA



Our design firm has been in operation for more than eight years, within the city of Alexandria and it is a privilege to work on projects that sit within the history and heart of our community. Starting at the very end of 2018, KBLA was brought into collaboration with an Old Town Alexandria building architect, for the design renovation of an area commercial property building and site. We are currently developing our design documents for both use in city plan review submission / approvals, and parallel application towards the fast-track production of project construction documents. The property is located at the center of Old Town’s historic Union Street & King Street waterfront area and we have been asked to develop the following scope of design items, as they dove-tail with work put forward by other disciplines within the design team:

  • Re-design of front sidewalk pavement that is complimentary to formal entrance access characteristics of new building frontage and street identity. Suspended and reinforced pavement system is being developed both for consistent surface-walk stability, as well as provide armature for new sub-surface tree well soil conduit that runs continuous along curb alignment (from one tree to the next, hidden below the surface pavement footprint). New tree well system provides enhanced water infiltration and larger volume of amended/accessible soil, for healthy tree/plant respiration not normally facilitated within the constraints of urban sidewalk conditions. Front walk furnishings such as new street lighting and recycle/trash receptacles are also installed and organized complementary to new pedestrian/vehicular circulation, as well as selected to match local building vernacular and style outlined and approved within city master-plan guidelines.

  • External hardscape design items are being developed in collaboration with project building architect, for an outdoor multi-terrace private dinning/seating communal area. New pavement, drainage, wall, step and planter systems work in concert to maintain & enhance controlled secondary entrance access circulation footprint, as it relates to building unit entrances and adjacent side-lot property line alley-way seen at building’s south facing elevation. Proposed plantings for this area will not only compliment the formal composition and character of this new space, but will be appropriately matched to both new soil amendment specification and potential for growth offered by the volumetric abilities of each planter system being constructed.

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